‘Autistic Voices’ is an opportunity to air and discuss topics affecting the autistic and neurodiverse community, and their supporters.

Topics like:-

  • the lived experience
  • anxiety and stress
  • myths and truths
  • mental wealth and emotional wellbeing
  • physical health
  • discovering your neurodivergence

We talk about the implications on a diagnosis can have on a wide range of areas.

The world needs to join in on the conversation!

A short excerpt from our recent interview with Dr Laura Hull, part of the research team behind the ‘Me, My Autism & I’ campaign

About me
and the show

The show, hosted and produced by Evalynne Charmer, who was diagnosed with autism in later life.

All episodes are now available to listen to on Spotify, Google, Alexa, and Podbean.

Wide ranging Discussion

In the series we have discussed Education, and questioned if there is a need for Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP’s). How do students benefit from having them in place? Are the plans a hinderance?

Furthermore, we explored college and university, placing a special emphasis on independent living, navigating friendships, relationships, and the significance of making a meaningful contribution to society.

No topic is taboo. We have talked candidly about navigating sexuality and gender, about life expectancy and choice.

We have contributed to the debate surrounding the divide in neurodivergent culture between those ‘for’ and ‘against’ Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

real experience, real people

Our podcasts focus on real life situations, experience and people. We offer an authentic listening encounter, giving our audience the opportunity to directly experience perspectives and insights from the autistic community.

We feature interviews with advocates from charities, workplaces, individuals and parents supporting children, providing a platform to share stories and expertise.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the daily realities, struggles and triumphs of living with autism, and share practical advice, tips and strategies for navigating some of the aspects of life with autism.

The Autistic Voices podcast provides a platform for the autistic community to be heard. We amplify voices, validate experience and promote inclusion and want you to get involved!

Episode 27 : Talking with Dr Laura Hull about autistic girls and sensory sensitivity Autistic Voices

In a brand new episode for Autistic Voices and to celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week, Evalynne interviews Dr Laura Hull about the "Me, My Autism and I" campaign  which aims to leave people inspired to continue an ongoing conversation to help the autistic community get the support they need to fulfil their potential.  Dr Hull discusses recent research on how clothing can make or break the daily lives of autistic girls.    
  1. Episode 27 : Talking with Dr Laura Hull about autistic girls and sensory sensitivity
  2. Episode 26 – Talking with Simon Preston an advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace
  3. Episode 25 : Talking with Rorie Fullerton and Emma Reardon from Autism Wellbeing CiC
  4. Episode 24: Talking with Nick on discovering he was autistic
  5. Episode 23 : Talking with Vanessa Hughes about ”Autistic-Ness”

You can also watch some of our podcasts via our YouTube channel.

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