Evalynne Charmer

evalynne charmer

Dip. Hyp  (Paediatrics); AMRSPH; Cert CBT; Cert Hol; MHS; Certified TISPH Practitioner

Evalynne Charmer is the Founder and Lead Therapist of Ed Elf Child Therapy & The Child Hypnotherapy Institute UK. She is a neuro-affirmative Certified Paediatric Hypnotherapist using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Solution Focused Counselling Skills along with DBT & other counselling techniques to help children and young adults make the changes they want, in ways that suit them.

neurodiversity & sEN specialist

Evalynne established Ed Elf Child Therapy in 2020, to provide accessible therapy for neurodiverse and neurotypical children and young adults.

We specialise in neurodiversity, particularly Autism, and special educational needs. Evalynne has lived experience both personally (having been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome) and professionally, having worked as an Assistant Head in a special needs school.

Evalynne has a passion for working with children and families, and has made it her focus for over 39 years.

“I set up Ed Elf Child Therapy in response to a huge gap in accessible therapy for neurodiverse and neurotypical children and young adults – therapy which is strengths-based, fun, visual and interactive, and transformational.”

Evalynne Charmer, Founder & Director

Evalynne Charmer is the founder, host and curator of the Autistic Voices podcast, formerly part of the UK Health Radio platform, but now available independently on all major podcast suppliers.

Evalynne is a member of The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapists.

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