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The Magic in Metaphor : Empowering Children through Healing Stories

By Harley Sears

“The Magic In Metaphor” is a heart-warming collection of 25 tales designed to nurture emotional growth and resilience in young readers. Each story introduces endearing characters who navigate life’s challenges, fostering fundamental values like courage, empathy, and understanding.

From Archie, the lovable puppy overcoming his first-day anxiety at Doggie Daycare, to Cally, the caterpillar bracing for her transformative journey into a butterfly, each narrative serves as a metaphor for real-life experiences, helping children navigate their own emotional landscapes.

Beyond the compelling narratives, this book provides a unique blend of therapeutic value, offering detailed insight into each story, suggested activities for children, and highlighted activities for parents, teachers, and counselors to engage with children.

“The Magic In Metaphor” is more than a collection of tales; it’s a comprehensive guide that equips adults with the tools to foster emotional intelligence, personal growth, and emotional expression in children.



By Charlotte Bodnarchuk of White Rose Therapy

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