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Calling all parents and carers! Does your child grapple with persistent thoughts, have difficulty falling asleep, or suffer from overthinking and night time anxiety? Today’s solution comes at no cost! Get our FREE 21-minute soothing ‘SLEEP’ Hypnotherapy audio downloaded directly to your device. Designed for all ages and neurotypes, this safe and gentle resource could be the answer to your worries. The audio elegantly incorporates calming references to a beach, forest, birds, and butterflies. However, if your child finds these elements anxiety-inducing, discretion is advised. Transform the challenge of sleep into a tranquil retreat with our hypnotherapy audio. Download it today!

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Sleep hypnotherapy download from Ed Elf Child Therapy

Parents/carers – are your children struggling with intrusive thoughts, getting to sleep, staying asleep or overthinking and anxiety at night?

Download our FREE 21 minute gentle relaxing ‘SLEEP’ Hypnotherapy audio straight to your device.

Suitable for all ages and neurotypes, perfectly safe. Includes references to a beach, forest, birds and butterflies so not advisable if these can cause anxiety for your child.


Disclaimer: recordings are wonderful, and helpful, but not a cure for any medical condition. Seek the advice of a GP if your child has a heart or lung condition, or a long term sleep concern which may need medical advice. Recordings are also not a replacement for individualised, personalised therapy but are intended as an aide.

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