LIVE TRAINING : Therapy Assessments with Children & Young People


Discover how to move beyond basic consultations and dive into evidence-based assessments for targeted therapy planning.  This 1 day online course provides 7 hours of CPD accredited training for subclinical professionals such as hypnotherapists, counsellors and those working in a pastoral role.




cpd for hypnotherapists

This course will be presented live on Sunday 3 March 2024 10am-5pm with lunch and coffee breaks


Work (or want to work) with children? An initial consultation form is not enough, you need to conduct appropriate, evidence-based assessments (for anxiety or low mood for example) to form a best-practice Therapy Plan.

This is a one day (7 hour) live online course for subclinical therapy professionals such as Hypnotherapists, counsellors, and those in pastoral roles where an assessment is key to delivering excellent SEMH (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) outcomes. Subclinical therapists are professionals who work with individuals experiencing mild emotional and behavioural difficulties that do not meet the criteria for a clinical diagnosis. The course is accredited via the CPD Accreditation Service UK.

Course Learning Outcomes:

•           Understanding the importance of assessments in therapeutic practice

•           Exploring the ethical considerations and guidelines for conducting assessments with children and young people

•           Understanding Assessment Tools and Techniques

•           Understanding the Role of Subclinical Therapists

•           Integrating Assessment Findings into Treatment Planning

•           Exploring Cultural Considerations in Assessments

•           Understanding Best Practice in Documentation and Report Writing