LIVE TRAINING : Paediatric Hypnotherapy (CPD Accredited Course)



As a paediatric hypnotherapist, you have the power to positively impact the lives of children and young people. Unlock your potential with our inspiring, CPD Accredited online learning course that provides you with safe, effective, and ethical techniques.

Our accreditation and ongoing support will help you enhance your expertise in using techniques from psychology, CBT and solution-focused counselling in your Hypnotherapy practice – empowering you to guide your clients towards personal growth and positive outcomes.

This course is for trainee and qualified Hypnotherapists and entitles you to 12 hours CPD, a certificate and the use of (Paediatrics) after your qualification.

This course is designed and delivered by Evalynne Charmer Dip. Hyp (Paediatrics) – director of the double award winning Ed Elf Child Therapy and training department the Child Hypnotherapy Institute UK

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This course has been designed to support Hypnotherapists to work with children and young people in ways that are safe, effective, ethical and authentic.

This course provides:

  • This course will be delivered online during two live sessions with Evalynne Charmer on 3rd and 10th December 2023
  • Assessment of completion is via the learner activities and your certificate of accreditation to evidence your 12 hours of learning and CPD will be sent within 28 days
  • Course provider is available to support you and answer questions via email


Previous knowledge:

  • As a baseline, if you come across something you do not know about in the programme, do your own additional research and seek out additional training (for example, with Childhood ACES)
  • CPD is an ongoing commitment to improving knowledge and practice and as such, learners are advised to build on their skills and expertise continuously throughout their working life.
  • Some additional resources and recommended videos are in the programme, and you are encouraged to also seek wider sources of guidance and information on an ongoing basis.


Course Outcomes:

  • Learn about different techniques for working with children Build your expertise in the ethical framework for working with children
  •  Understand the legal and safeguarding protocols for working with children


  • Understand the standards you need to work within, how to reach and exceed these standards and how to make sure you are registered with and regulated by the Professional Standards Authority


  • Discuss the development of identity, self esteem and confidence in young people and consider how to improve these as part of your practice


  • Learn about the issues facing children and young people today and how Hypnotherapy can help them to make positive and transformational changes in their lives


  • Discover and improve on other elements of positive psychology such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Protective Behaviours and Solution Focused Counselling to enhance your techniques and performance and the outcomes for children and young people


NB:  All learners who pass this course can request supervision or consultancy at any time from Ed Elf Child Therapy at the discounted rate, following their accreditation.

All therapists who pass this course are entitled to have a member bio on the Ed Elf Child Therapy website, free of charge.