Ed Elf ‘me’ (my eating)

Ed Elf ‘me’ is a 12 week programme for autistic 12 to 25 year olds who are also experiencing ARFID, anorexia, bulimia, and any eating, selective eating and binge eating habits.

Please note that this programme is not a replacement for medical intervention and you should always seek the advice of your GP

The programme runs in small groups, along with 1:1 therapy sessions, and is based on the C.O.N.G.R.U.E.N.T. me model of change created by Evalynne:

Clarity & Purpose

Ownership & Accountability

Network & Community

Goals & Solutions

Relationships: Review & Rebuild

Understanding & Practice

Experiential learning

Normalise & Integrate

Triumphs & Celebrations

Programme Info

Ed Elf ‘me’ uses a combination of Hypnotherapy, CBT & Solution Focused Counselling, Protective Behaviours and both 1:1 and group work to help strip back all the masks and layers and find the congruent ‘you’. The programme is designed to explore your relationships – with self, others and your community, help you know your identity, celebrate who you are, help others to understand, and share your experiences with other autistic people along the way. We look at past trauma, and the attitudes of people around you as a child and younger person – and how this might have impacted on your wellbeing and mental health. We work together to release those damaging experiences and build the authentic you back up again. Then we focus on who you are, what you bring to the world, and how you can shine your light and live the life you want to live.

This programme is unique, and transformational.

The total cost of the programme is £840 inclusive of everything. No hidden or additional costs.

Ed Elf asks for this to be paid in advance, to ensure full commitment to the whole programme and is accountable for their engagement. However in exceptional circumstances a refund can be given.

If you need further information before making up your mind please attend one of the FREE online workshops – register below

You can attend as a child, young person, family or parent/carer.


Dates and times

Saturday June 5th 2021

Saturday July 3rd 2021

Saturday August 7th 2021

What does a free workshop cover?

An overview of how the programme runs, what to expect from an initial assessment, the types of activities to expect, and Q&A with Evalynne with absolutely no obligation to buy a programme.

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