Autistic Voices now available

Autistic Voices now available

Autistic Voices Podcast

In March 2023, we embarked on an exciting venture by launching our very own podcast channel, the Autistic Voices podcast. Hosted and produced by Evalynne Charmer, Director of Ed Elf Child Therapy, this podcast had initially found its home on the esteemed UK Health Radio channel.

With the aim of expanding our outreach and connecting with a wider audience, we made the strategic decision to migrate the podcast to the Podbean platform. This move has proved immensely successful, as we are delighted to witness an increased coverage and dedicated listenership from both the United States and the United Kingdom.

To conveniently tune in to the Autistic Voices podcast, you can now access it on Alexa-enabled devices. Simply say the phrase, “Alexa, play the Autistic Voices podcast,” and immerse yourself in the latest episode, where insightful discussions and captivating narratives await.

We’re dedicated to continuing our mission of sharing powerful stories, fostering understanding, and empowering the autistic community. Stay tuned to hear more from the Autistic Voices podcast.